Video short from a Birthday Party Magic Show in 2019



Face Painting

The most popular service option with kids ages 4-10, This service is a great stand alone for parties and events or as an add-on to Balloons or a Magic Show Face Painting allows kids to be anything they can dream up or choose off a menu board. High-quality non-toxic cosmetic, paints are used to create small cheek art or full face designs.  Check out our Photo Gallery for some of our most recent designs.  


Generate excitement with visuals

Nothing gets more attention than great visuals. Festival goers, party attendees and event photographers all are all drawn to eye catching face paintings or balloon sculptures.  We offer festival ballooning which are quick designs that can handle a 20 kid party or a long festival line.  Balloons are colorful, bright shiny things that all ages love.


Family entertainment at its best

Need to entertain a small group or maybe a large audience? Magic Shows are the answer.  Our comedic family-friendly shows have something for everyone.  Walk -Arounds can be the answer when time slots or no stage area is a concern.  Walk-Arounds cruise throughout your event and entertain a moving crowd. 

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